Andrew Bird Concert Review

Radio City Music Hall June 19, 2009
Andrew Bird Radio City Music Hall

Ephman thinks that even Andrew Bird was surprised that he was playing Radio City Music Hall.  He thanked his manager, and sounded like he was accepting an award.  After the show was done Ephman was probably even more surprised then Andrew was.  He seems like a nicer fellow then most people that hit that stage.  He was humble, spoke from the heart, and totally played his guts out. 

The only problem was the the songs that really got the crowd going were few and far between.  Very bland.  Actually the last few tunes when the opening band Calexico came onto the stage to play with him made Ephman realize that maybe Andrew needs a bigger band, a bigger sound to go with his music.  Calexico's horn section really helped.  One thing should be noted about Andrew Bird, he sure does play a mean violin.  And the irony of his great whisling really help too.  Almost forgot he has a wonderful voice.  But for the most part the songs were dry.  And infact the women sitting infront of Ephman had her head on her friends shoulder for most of the show, leading to believe she was sleeping.  No surprise there, Ephman let out some legendary yawns. 

Here's the intersting thing... small venue, intimate place, you can see him upclose, and his show must be great!  Also, he's writes solid lyrics, a lot of his stuff made Ephman want to really listen for those gem lines.  Maybe it was because the performance was lacking?  The sad part is that Ephman feels bad that he didn't enjoy this show as much as he wanted to.  Might be tough to get him out the next time Andrew's in town to see the show.  You are in for a real treat... Ephman recorded Opposite Day, which could be one the stronger songs he played this evening.  Check it out below, you might become a fan, Ephman hopes so.



"The only problem was the the songs that really got the crowd going were few and far between. Very bland."

Okay, wow. You obviously don't "get" Andrew Bird or the people who listen to his music. HFS. I think the Queen reunion is next year about this time.

AB fan from NC


this friend of fluffy face

this friend of fluffy face loved the show and andrew's voice just wished she had better seat to get better pictures!!!!!!

Actually, the show was amazing.

Ephman. Opposite DAY.

Furthermore, Ephman, to call this concert "so-so" is nuts. Andrew Bird's utter creativity and skill blew me away. Oh, and his voice was so pure last night. Maybe you just don't like his music much. I thought the crowd was surprisingly low-key in Radio City. However, I'm not sure that the fact that Bird "didn't get the cowd going" is the best judge of the music. It's not the kind of music you stand up and boogie to. My favorite was "Effigy" which was stunningly beautiful as the sound washed over the audience. And then there was "Sythian Empires" and "Why?" You get the was all good to me.

I thought it was a brilliant show. I was happy for him that he filled up Radio City, and I found it enderaring that he expressed that he was overwhelmed about being there on that stage. I think his performance is better suited to a smaller venue, though, because he's so entertaining to watch as he flips around his instruments. I hope I get to see him again in a small place.

The one thing that should

The one thing that should have been mentioned in the review, that sort of is touched on in this comment, is that Andrew Bird has a very complex way of integrating different layers of sound.  That was enjoyable.  If he comes back and plays a smaller venue Ephman might show up.

Opposite Dance?

Really Ephman? Opposite Dance? It's Opposite Day. If you're going to criticize Andrew Bird, at least get the songs right. Why should I listen to you whine about how boring it was if you're not a fan then?

My bad... thanks for

My bad... thanks for correcting.  It was late when Ephman wrote that.  No excuse though...

2 things

1) Ephman needs to see "The Jimmy" epi of Seinfeld.
2) Is he related to Robyn Bird?

Ephman loves "The

Ephman loves "The Jimmy".
Don't think he's related to Robin Bird... But it'd be pretty funny if he'd perform for her!

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