The Best Bad Ass Cars That You Need To Drive

Most people think that a bad ass car has to be a muscle car... that is not the case. Where would getting laid be without the bad ass car? No place. It's the reason people drive them.
Today cars are all made to be gas sipping lilly dippers. And totally there is nothing wrong with that. But we really need more cars ripping up the asphalt. Like you know you're on the highway and and you see the tires of the car infront of you pulling up the road, as is motors away. Good stuff!!!!
Here's a list of the best official bad ass cars that might not really be a muscle car. These are totally in no order.

1976 LX Torana SLR 5000 – A9X Option
Tornana slr 500, bad ass, car, muscle, fast, sleek, beautiful

This is one awesome aussiemobile. Check out those flairs about the wheels. Nice. This puppy came with a 5.0L OHV V8 chugging out a little over 300 horsepower. Holden comes from an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “to fly”. Those dual pipes must have a sweet sound eh? And come on looking at this thing it just looks like it motors down the road. Now Ephman's seen a lot of rocking cars in real life. But this is one Australian beast he'd love to get to know.

1986 Buick Grand National
buick grand national, bad ass, car, black, fast, sleek, nascar

This car is a beast. When it came out it was GM's fastest car. But the funniest thing is that it's basically a crazy insane Buick Regal. Just think about how cool this car was when it pulled up aside you with it's black tinted windows? You knew there was one cool dude sitting behind that wheel. Even though you couldn't see him. But you could hear the AC/DC blasting right? The thing came with a 235 horsepower V6. Light for a muscle car eh? This thing could drag race with the best of them, and then throw it on a NASCAR track, and looking mean the whole time!

2009 Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4
bugatti veryon, car, fast, bad ass, super performance, expensive

If speed makes you bad... this car is just evil, E.V.I.L, evil. Top speed on this puppy is 431 km/h. That comes out to $2853.82 per km/h. Put it this way, Ephman's car relates to $102.56 per km/h. Bugatti been racing since the early 1920's. So you figure they could make a car go fast. Not too hard when you're packing a 16 cylinder 8.0L, 1185 horsepower engine. Not to mention wow that's one sweet looking design. Looks like it just sticks to the ground and slips through the air like a cylinder. Fine you'll never be able to afford the $1.23 million price tag. But is sure is nice to dream. This is one the most beautiful cars on the planet right?

1986 Lotus 97T
lotus, 97t, aryton senna, f1, fast, formula 1, beautiful, winner, grand prix, racer

Nobody said that these coolest cars need to be a production vehicle. This Formula One car is not only on every F1 fans “Most beautiful car”, but it also put up the number. Helps though when Ayrton Senna the finest race car driver ever drove it. It was powered by a Renault EF15b 1,492cc V6 turbocharged power plant, rocking in at about 810 horsepower. In 16 races, it had 3 wins, 8 poles and 3 fastest laps. That black and gold livery is so cool, that the current Lotus/Renault team brought it back for this year (and that's a hot looking car too). OK OK if you're an F1 fan you'll remember that is wasn't the most reliable car, and that cost Senna the championship, and the team the constructors championship. BUT BUT BUT, when it did dive you were assured you had a great chance to win.

1970 Plymouth Superbird
plymouth superbird, bad ass car, muscle car, nascar, fast, racer, road runner, beep beep

There were muscle cars... and then there was the Superbird. This car was built to race. NASCAR back when it ran ran real stock cars had a rule that one car per dealer needed to be built. So this is one rare car. The car has this shark nose, but the tail's got that sweet spoiler. You couldn't bring this thing into a car wash. But this car was so cool, Richard Petty defected from Ford just to drive it. And that's why it makes the bad ass car list. This bird had a 426 Hemi shoving out 426 horsepower in a V8. OH and with the Beep Beep Road Runner on the back you know this is one fast car.

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I guess there's a reason why

I guess there's a reason why one never sees this kind of cars on a car donations list, nobody is that altruistic, these are generally cars people prefer to keep no matter how old they get, I would probably do the same.

these cars are masterpiece of

these cars are masterpiece of modern engineering! The bugati veyron has Air Vent Frame that is really unique in cooling the car! It has lots of radiators surrounding the vehicle.

You missed at least one

It made the short list, but...

Rich was thinking on adding the GTO... But instead decided to go with the Plymouth Superbird for that era. Jeez couldn't find anything for the 90's, no good 90's bad ass cars.

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