The Official Top 10 Movie Theme Songs Of All Time

If you follow Ephman's blog you already know that he's a lover of music.  What you might not know is that he's also a lover of fine films.  Which inspired him today to create Ephman's Official Top 10 Movie Theme Songs Of All Time.  There are probably some surprises in here, well ok fine, most will be surprising, but there are also a few classics.

1. Cannonball Run

Why you ask?  Because.  The song was good for it's time, it went really well with the opening scene, and dammit Ephman loves the race.


2. 2001 A Space Odyssey

This song is so iconic.  The erie-ness of it, in conjunction with the slow moving quiet of space, seemed to work like a piece of fluid poetry.  However rumour has it that there is an alternative theme song out there.


3. Pirate of the Caribbean 

This song sounds like a pirate song.  Also the arragement reminds Ephman of the classic epic movies of the 60's.  So this diddy gets to make his list.


4. Meatballs 

Because Ephman went to the camp the film was filmed at.  And it's a funny song for anybody that spent their summers away from home and with a wild bunch of good for nothing kids.


5. The Pink Panther

Is one of the those songs that if you get it going in your head there is no way it's coming out for the next 4 hours.  Plus this song Ephman would consider to be a character in the movie.  Iconic.

6. Warriors 

Come on every Top 10 list has to include a Swedish Glam Rock Band.  But also because this song really has NOTHING Ephman can see to do with the movie.  Chalk it up as a "just because".  Can you dig it?

7. Star Wars

Need Ephman say more?

. Saturday Night Fever

This theme song can make a few other Top 10 Lists.  And come on that walk is just classic.  It helped to define a sub-culture, it helped to define a time, and it helped to make a popular band mega-stars.

9. Godzilla's Revenge

Shouldn't every film award and Top 10 List have a foreign entry?  This is a classic campy sounding song.  But the synthesizer sounding sound in there was like so far ahead of it's time. 

10.  Help Ephman

Ya ya ya.  Ephman knows there's only 9 theme songs in his Top 10 List Movie Theme Songs Of All Time.  But there are so many tunes that can fit in this spot.  He has no idea what to put in.  Maybe Green Day's Simpson's Movie theme song?  Anyways, leave some comments below with ideas and he'll figure it out from that list.  Cool?

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The good, the bad and the

The good, the bad and the ugly.

castle in the sky?

that was a good movie. but i can't find the theme song anywhere?  wanna help ephman source it down?  good call by the way.

a song from a film of Hayao

a song from a film of Hayao Miyazaki's?

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