Will NYC Love Its Tim Hortons?

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Sorry about the 5 second blank spot in the middle of the video... :( very typical for  a Canadian to apologize for something so silly.

Whatever, Tim Hortons is in NYC basically by luck.  The Riese Organization had this fight with Dunkin' Donuts, and some lawsuit thing kind of happened between them around 10 years ago.  "Your stores are too dirty", Dunkin' said "No they're not" Riese said.  Then Dunkin' Donuts shared a picture of a mouse eating one of Riesse's Dunkin' Donuts and that ran in a major NYC newspaper.  Well at the end of the day Dunkin' dunked The Riese Organization.  Enter Tim Hortons in 13 NYC locations that only the other day were Dunkin' Donuts.

Incase (which is most likely), you have no idea who Tim Horton is, here's who he is.  Tim played hockey, for a few NHL teams, most notably Ephman's beloved Toronto Maple Leafs, and ironically enough the NY Rangers.  Then why is it that 900% of New Yorkers have no idea who he is?  Anyhow, Donuts + Hockey = Canadian Religion.  So when this fellow opened up his donut shop, it was bound to be huge success.  The United States might have Starbucks, but Canada has Tim Hortons.  It's a blue collar, block and tackle, coffee shop.  Soups, sandwiches, coffee, donuts, and of course Timbits.  And of course they do NOT share the same store with KFC.

Ephman remembers the first place he ever bought a cup of coffee was at a Tim Hortons at Yonge & Wellesley as he started his illustrious advertising/hedgefund career.  We're talking the early 90's there.  But even before that first cup of coffee Ephman, had a strong and memorable relationship with Tim Hortons.  It was the last day of highschool, he was 15, and him and his friends were invited to a Young Liberal Party party.  Later that night after numerous beers (yes we start young up there in Canada), he found himself with a box of Timbits throwing them as hard as he could at Dickman.   Next thing you know Dickman's heaving his guts out all over Eglington Subway Station.. OK enough of he memories now on with NYC and Tim Hortons.  Watch the video you'll get the idea...

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yes!! Timmys!

Hey thanks for the comments and this cool clip...I live in jersey and was wondering about how the pricing will be ...for a medium double double in Canada would cost u about 1.28$ i wonder if they making it same as the of a medium in Donkin Donut .


Sorry Ephman doesn't remember the prices... probably a good thing to put into a review right?  But a Timbit was a dime and they wouldn't sell just one Timbit.  So Ephman said "How could a Timbit be only a dime then?"


A double double is soooooo Canadian. Timbits rock! It is impossible to drive a Candian highway without stopping at a Timmys.

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