A Crazy Snowstorm with Invisible Speakers, Skynet and Google

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So it looks as though to GigaOM and whole bunch of other blogs that the Google phone is a real.  They've infact just handed out a bunch of unlocked phones according to some Google employee twitter feeds and having them play around with the android phone Google just seems to be everywhere.

Tiger Woods has announced that he is taking some time off an indefinite break from professional golf.  He needs to focus on being a better husband, father and person.  So maybe he'll be a walk-on for the Masters he win it and just walk off.  That would be pretty cool according to a friend of mine.

Snowstorms buried central Ontario
, which is unbelievable.  It was up to people's shoulders in the Gravenhurst and Bracebridge area.  Since they didn't have any snow in the month of November probably nice that they got a little bit.

Here something that is pretty funny and in line with what's going on in Tiger Woods's life.  Toronto Transit the TTC has rejected the cheating spouses ad it is from a website called Ashley Madison Noel Biderman is the CEO of this.  And basically wanted to write on the side of the TTC buses and streetcars and subways all about this website to look up.  So you could cheat on your wife or your husband and that TTC rejected that rightfully so.  They wanted the campaing to run over Valentine's Day pretty funny.

Looks like EMO Labs has raised $1.5 million of investment according to TechCrunch for an invisible speaker technology.  So they've actually have to file that with the SEC.  So if it's an invisible speaker do people get invisible money back on their return on investment?

Rrtificial intelligence has been reborn at MIT according to boingboing.net.  They launched a five million-dollar five-year project to build intelligent machines okay since Skynet isn't up and running just yet this might be the beginning.  Thank you, Marvin Minsky. 

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