Phillip K. Dick And The Nexus While Twitter Care About The Wave And Lou Reed's App

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And it looks like Evernote has released an Android apps Evernote is a program that lets you is keep track of snapshots it lets you upload files, take notes, and let's you leave audio notes. Looks almost like you need a quick blogging tool that could be used for in the mobile world. Here are some screenshots courtesy of So actually recently as well landed $10 million in funding.

According to Techcrunch this is some of Twitter's top searches for the year. I'll actually not according to Techcrunch it is actually according to Twitter. In the sports world Super Bowl, Lakers, Wimbledon. Top hash tags of #musicmonday, #Iranelection and South by Southwest or as SXSW. Top shows American Idol and Glee are on list list. No surprised here are Michael Jackson hits number one Tiger Woods gets on the list at number eight.

Mercedes is super eager at signing 40-year-old Michael Schumacher to race for them next season and Ferrari the other day said it is A-OK that Michael goes off and searches other opportunities. It's it's not as if Nick Fry isn't fueling these claims. I think he really does want to sign up Michael Schumacher for MercedesGP. It would be an all German lineup and according to me. Ephman. It would kind of level the playing field I guess to see Schumacher back again. He would be in a top car for next season. I highly doubt that MercedesGP number one car again. And at the same time Schumacher is 40 years. He's not the 28-year-old super champion that he once was, but it will be interesting to see if he does come back next season.

Let's see if there's anything else after this is an interesting article from Mobilecrunch. Android market grows up. It's now a 20,000 apps and just the other day it was at like 5000 apps. So and is actually really in just over five months doubled its app count, so it's really going to place a big strain on iPhone. Especially since the rate of development for Android is just astronomical, and at the same time you take a look here about some of these applications and games are android Ephman believes is in the mobile way of the future on iPhone. Bye-bye iPhone.

Lou Reed has designed an iPhone app and that Ephman has no idea what what it does for. It's called Lou Zoom in the tagline is "Lou Reed bring style and clarity to your contacts" and it costs two bucks so Ephman's looking at this in its really have no just doesn't look so good. Looks just you get 6 contacts on your on the page. Ephman can't imagine people really cashing in on this one so fast.

Out of the New York Times it's looking as though the rate of population for India is going to pass China. According to the United States by 2025. So not only will India be the largest democracy on the planet. They will have the largest population. Investors are going to be jumping on that pretty darn quickly see anything else can be invested in India

Size does matter. Small fingers are looking as if they're more sensitive. And this is out of McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario. It is a study of the index finger of 50 men and 50 women aged between 18 and 27 for finger sensitivity. So neuroscientists have known about the better sense for a long time and they don't know why this is but looks as though they're going to try and figure it out. Ephman wants a small handed surgeon now.

So out of Gizmodo it looks as though the Google Nexus is starting to get some pushback especially other Philip K. Dick's daughter, who said that they were not consulted nor were requests made of to use the word Nexis from Google in any kind of way. So I guess Lexuses Enos, the Blade Runner word as any in any event.

Anyhow so thanks for dropping by and we will be back tomorrow..

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